VCL-5000: Firewall, Router and Encryption Equipment


Valiant’s VCL-5000 is an integrated router and firewall equipment with extremely advanced features that may be installed to secure critical infrastructure such as Sub-Stations, Smart Grid Distribution Systems, Airport and Railway IT Networks as well as Financial Infrastructure such as Banks and Payment Processing Gateways.

Access to VCL-5000 is password protected with advanced firewall capabilities that meet and exceed NERC as well as all mandatory requirements of Password Protection and Control as provided in the GR-815-CORE-2 specifications.

Data Sheet Firewall and Router Equipment

VCL-5000 provides Comprehensive Protection for:

  • IP Networks, including all types of Data, Voice and Video over IP applications
  • MPLS meshed networks
  • Metro Ethernet and VPLS networks.

Firewall and Router Equipment


  • Total Number of Interfaces : 6
    • Four 10/100/1000 RJ-45 locally switched network interfaces to the local (trusted) network
    • Two 10/100/1000 RJ-45 network interfaces to the WAN (untrusted) network
  • Auto MDI/X (straight or crossover Ethernet cable correction).

Ultimate Network Reliability Solution

Short Video (2 Mins 14 sec)

Ultimate Network Reliability Solution

Detailed Video (7 Mins 19 sec)

Firewall and Security:

  • Ruggedized, IEC-61850-3 compliant firewall
  • Fanless, High reliability hardware
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -4°F ~ 149°F (-20°C ~ 65°C)
  • Suitable for installation in sub-stations, SCADA and industrial networks / harsh environments
  • Wide range of power supply options which includes, 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 250VDC and 90~240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Secure Boot
  • Firewall Security:
    • Inclusion Policy - Access Control based upon White List IP addresses, MAC address and IP Domain
    • Exclusion Policy -Access Control based on Black List
  • Continuous monitoring of the TLS connection to nullify MitM attacks
  • Resistance to Denial of Service (DoS) Attack
  • Non-volatile Access Log with capability to "fingerprint" all successful and failed log-in attempts and keep a log of the IP addresses of all successful and failed logins / login attempts
  • SNMP trap generation, along with LED and external alarm indication
  • Password Protection with password strength monitor
  • SSH (Secure Access Control) with encrypted password protection.

VCL-5000 offers a wide range of VPN technologies ranging from modern SSL VPN’s to well known IPsec and also legacy options such as L2TP and PPTP. Site-to-Site and road warrior setups are possible and with the integrated OpenVPN client exporter, the client can be configured within minutes.

Firewall - Features and Capabilities:

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Point-to-Point Data encryption between two terminals
  • Point-to-Multipoint - Data encryption / VPNs between multiple RTU Terminals and the IEC 60870-5-104, DNP server(s) and C37.118 PMU data between substations and Load Dispatch Centres / SCADA Management and Rail Traffic Control Centres
  • Per-frame/packet authentication
  • Firewall
    • Port (Soft) based
    • MAC based
    • IP Address based
    • IP Domain based
  • White List and Black List options
    • White List Exception allowed and Blocks all other traffic by default (system default mode)
    • Black List Exception blocked and Allows all other traffic by default
  • Seamless scalability
  • Traffic Shaper
  • Two-factor Authentication throughout the system
  • Captive portal
  • Forward Caching Proxy (transparent) with Blacklist support
  • Virtual Private Network (site to site & road warrior, IPsec, VPN & legacy PPTP support)
  • High Availability & Hardware Failover (with configuration synchronization & synchronized state tables)
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Build-in reporting and monitoring tools including RRD Graphs
  • Netflow Exporter
  • Network Flow Monitoring
  • Support for plugins
  • DNS Server & DNS Forwarder
  • DHCP Server and Relay
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • Granular control over state table
  • 802.1Q VLAN support
  • VPN support
  • Encryption Algorithms: AES-128, AES-256 Encryption
  • Auth Digest Algorithm: SHA512 (512 bit)
  • Infrastructure neutral
  • Transparent to network and applications
  • Easy installation and management.


Form Factor 19inch, 2U High Rack Mount
Dimensions (D x W x H) 260mm x 477mm x 90mm
Storage Drive Internal 2.5” SSD 128 GB
Power Supply Dual (1+1) Redundant Inputs
48 VDC, 110~220 VAC - 50/60 Hz, 110-220V DC (see *Power Supply Options)
Indicators 2 x Power Inputs
Ports (Front Access) Power ON/OFF, System Reset, 2 x USB 3.0,
2 x Gigabit Ethernet WAN Ports
1 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port
1 x Display (VGA) Port
Power Supply Inputs
Processor Quad core Pentium N2400 Processor
Performance 1.1 GHz Base Frequency
2.5 GHz Burst Frequency
Ruggedized Fanless System
MTBF (hours) 101292
Net Weight 5.0 kg
Gross weight 10.7 kg

Data Sheet

Data Sheet Firewall and Router Equipment