About Us

Valiant Communications is a communications, transmission, synchronization and cyber security equipment manufacturer with successful installations in over 110 countries.

Communications, transmission, time and frequency synchronization and cyber security solutions are offered for all types of Utility applications including Power Utilities, Oil & Gas, Railways, Metro Rail Communications, Airport Communications and Mobile Backhaul. Cyber security applications include for corporates, commercial establishments, small home-offices etc.

Valiant Communications is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 18001:2007 certified equipment manufacturer.

VCL technological strengths span a wide cross-section of communications and transmission technologies and industries which include Multiplexers, Teleprotection (Distance and Differential Protection), IEEE C37.94, TDM and IP/Ethernet Transmission, TDM over IP/Ethernet/MPLS/Packet technologies, IP over TDM (Ethernet over E1/PDH/SDH), SDH / PDH Multiplexers, E1 / T1 Digital Access Cross-Connects, E1 / T1 Hi-Z Non-Intrusive Monitoring solutions, 1+1 TDM and Ethernet/IP Automatic Protection Switching, A/B Switch and Failover solutions, Echo Cancellers, AC-DC, DC-DC Converters and a wide range of passive products which include Monitoring Panels, Splitters and Patch Panels.

VCL Time and Frequency Synchronization solutions includes GPS/GNSS Primary Reference Master Clock (PRC ITU-T G.811), IEEE 1588v2 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP), IEEE 1588v2 PTP Slaves, IEEE 1588v2 PTP Switches / IEEE 1588v2 Transparent Clocks, NTP Time Servers, Sub-Master Clocks, SSU (Synchronization Supply Unit), GPS to IRIG-B, NTP to IRIG-B, PTP to IRIG-B and Time Distribution solutions (IRIG-B [BNC, RS232, RS422, RS485]), IRIG-B (ST MM Optical), 1PPS (BNC, ST MM Optical), Time-of-Day NMEA interfaces.

VCL range of Cyber Security solutions include products providing alerts for cyber-attack in real-time / network intrusion, providing manual and automatic physical isolation between the Local Area Network and the Wide Area Network, in an event of a cyber-attack, detection of a network intrusion / breach in the cyber-security perimeter / security zone by any of the elements and to isolate the critical assets or devices from the transmission network. VCL Cyber Security products assist in identifying and isolating the source of problem / points of network vulnerability by providing intrusion or attack trace route and forensic analysis in real-time.

VCL technologies include enabling the removal of a single point-of-failure with its 1+1 Automatic Fail-over mechanism solution to its 1+1 redundant, primary and standby Routers and Firewalls, in the event of failure of the primary Router or Firewall, IEC-61850-3 and PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) complaint devices and solutions.

VCL has a fast paced new product development strategy. VCL new product development is centered on integrating voice, data, IP/MPLS/Packet networks, network synchronization along with a strong focus on network and cyber security.

VCL has successful installations in over 110 countries with various prestigious customers. To see a reference list (not exhaustive) – Click Here

Time & Frequency Solutions
GPS Primary Reference Clock Solutions
Power Utility SCADA Solutions
Airport Communication Solutions
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Our international offices, distributors and representatives are located (in alphabetical order) in:

Argentina Bangladesh Brazil Cambodia Canada Columbia
France Indonesia Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon
Lithuania Bangladesh Nigeria Norway Singapore South Africa
Sri Lanka Thailand Vietnam U.A.E. United Kingdom U.S.A.

Valiant Communications Limited is a Public Limited and a Listed Company and its equity stock is traded at Bombay Stock Exchange, in India.