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VCL-5001: Network Traffic Sniffer

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VCL’s “Beyond the Firewall” Cyber Security Solution does not negate or invalidate the role of the “Firewall” in any manner. The Firewall still remains the primary element of defence against cyber-attacks. However, cyber-attacks succeed because firewalls get breached. The deployment of VCL’s “Beyond the Firewall” Cyber Security Solution provides the “next-line-of-defence” against firewall breaches, resulting in the enhanced network security and resilience against cyber-attacks.

VCL’s “Beyond the Firewall” Cyber Security Solution is very different from other security solutions that report a network security breach long after the event - when the damage has already been done.

Firewall Beyond the Firewall Network Sniffer Isolation Switch

Valiant Communications (VCL) provides a comprehensive “Beyond the Firewall” Cyber Security Solution that is designed to assist organizations to detect, prevent and secure their networks against firewall breaches and cyber-attacks - while they occur. All elements of the VCL “Beyond the Firewall” Cyber Security Solution function in real-time to alert the network administrator against a network security breach and to also automatically take a series of appropriate “counter-measures” in accordance with the organization’s custom defined network security policy.

The VCL-5001, Network Traffic Sniffer is one such “Beyond the Firewall” cyber-security element that detects firewall breaches, network intrusions and cyber-attacks in “real-time”. It also provides the user, the data to conduct forensic analysis and trace the attack route which assists the user to identify the points of network vulnerability.

Inbound and Outbound Traffic Monitoring:

The VCL-5001, Network Traffic Sniffer provides the network administrator the ability to continuously scan inbound and outbound traffic and to generate an alert if an unauthorized data transmission is taking place from any of the Servers or IEDs such as RTUs, PMUs, Bay Control Units etc. which may be considered as a potential data breach and a security threat. This feature is especially useful in detecting “moles” or ”malicious firmware” in any of the Servers or IEDs that could have been compromised and may be unlawfully transmitting data to any destination (i.e. IP address) which has not been included in the network administrator’s authorized-list. It becomes a useful tool in enhancing cyber-security of Banks and other financial infrastructure, Sub-Stations, SCADA Networks and Oil and Gas Pipelines.

UNMS (Unified Network Management System)

  • Secure (supports TLS/SSL for encrypting connections between devices)
  • Permission-based security
  • Uses Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), the username/password login are replaced with Single-Packet Authorization (SPA) and the receiving device cannot be seen by hackers. This introduces an additional layer of security and is beneficial with or without SSL/TLS.
  • Guaranteed message delivery (no data loss or duplication of data)

Valiant Communications is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 45001:2018 certified equipment manufacturer.