Railways and Metro Network Communication solutions

Railways and Metro Network Communication solutionsValiant offer a wide range of Modern Railways and Metro Networks communications and synchronization solutions.

  • Comprehensive Range of Products
  • Complete Communications and Synchronization Package from a single vendor
  • No interconnect or interoperability issues

Communication Products includes:

Time and Frequency Synchronization Products include:

Industrial Grade Router and Firewall Equipment (Encryption and Firewall for Railways / Metro Rail):

Railways and Metro Networks communications equipment includes PTP IEEE-1588v2 Synchronization solutions, GPS Primary Reference Clocks, Sub-Master Clocks, NTP Servers, Time Display units, E1 PDH Multiplexers with low speed data (asynchronous and synchronous) for traffic control communications, 1+1 Protection Switching equipment for critical network redundancy and Packet Optical Transport equipment with a wide range of legacy and modern digital interfaces.

Synchronization Solution for Railways / Metro Rail (ppsx)

Valiant offers complete Design, Manufacture, Installation Services for Railway and Metro Communication networks.

Application Diagrams:

Products include: