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VCL-2143, Network MouseTrαpTM an Advanced Honeypot (Network Intrusion Detector)

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VCL Network-MouseTrαpTM is an essential network security tool that sits behind the firewall in a secure environment to detect firewall breaches and unauthorized intrusions in that network. VCL Network-MouseTrαp™ is an advanced “honeypot” / “decoy server” that can be programmed by the user to emulate various types of IEDs such as Protection Relays, RTUs or Payment Gateways etc. and forms an essential part of the digital forensics kit that may be installed in secure critical infrastructure such as in Sub-Stations, Smart Grid Distribution Systems, Airport and Railway IT Networks as well as Financial Infrastructure such as Banks and Payment Processing Gateways to “alert” the network administrator of hostile intrusions and firewall breaches.

Emulations White / Black List Options User Programmed Filters

UNMS (Unified Network Management System)

  • Secure (supports TLS/SSL for encrypting connections between devices)
  • Permission-based security
  • Uses Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), the username/password login are replaced with Single-Packet Authorization (SPA) and the receiving device cannot be seen by hackers. This introduces an additional layer of security and is beneficial with or without SSL/TLS.
  • Guaranteed message delivery (no data loss or duplication of data)

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