T1, 100 Ohms, 16 Port High Impedance (Hi-Z) Monitoring Patch Panel (T1, 100 Ohms - Version)


Ohms, 16 Port High Impedance Monitoring Patch Panel. The T1 16 Port Monitoring Patch Panel is primarily designed for applications where T1 circuits are required to be “tapped” for non-intrusive monitoring applications. The T1 Monitoring Patch Panel is simultaneously provides up to 16 high-impedance(Hi-Z) outputs on it's monitoring (MON) port(s) from which, both the transmit (Tx) and the receive (Rx) signals of the patched T1 link can be “tapped non-intrusively” (i.e without disturbing or loading the active T1 link(s) in any manner, and connected to T1 Groomers, Probes or Analysers

Data Sheet 16 x 100 Ohms Monitoring Patch Panel

Product Part Number: VCL-1230-MON-075-BNCF-16

Product Description: 16xE1/T1, 120/100 Ohms RJ45 (F) High Impedance (Hi-Z) Monitoring Patch Panel 19" Shelf 2U High Mount Version with Hardware Set [RJ45 cables not included]


  • Cost effective solution.
  • 19 inch rack mount.
  • High quality and cost effective.
  • Small and compact.

DIP Switch settings

All four DIP switches must be set to OFF position for non-intrusive monitoring applications.

Typical Application Diagram


Connecting T1 Main Link

The RJ-45 Connectors Row A and Row B are used for Data IN/Data OUT from/to the Site A and Site B T1 link.

Connecting Hi-Z Output

The RJ-45 Connectors Row MON are used for Hi-Z Data OUT from the T1 link connected on Row A and Row B to T1 Groomers, Probes or Analysers.

16 x T1 Monitoring Patch Panel - Circuit Schematic

The Hi-Z (432 Ohm) resistive output is provided on the Monitoring (MON) Port of the Patch Panel for connecting to the Groomer / Probe / Analyser.

Mechanical Specification

Rack Mounting Standard 19 Inch. DIN Rack
Height 90 mm.
Depth 45 mm.
Width 485 mm. (with mounting brackets)
Weight 1.4 kg.