E1, 120 Ohms, 16 Port High Impedance (Hi-Z) Monitoring Patch Panel (120 Ohms - Version)


The E1 16 Port Monitoring Patch Panel is primarily designed for applications where E1 circuits are required to be “tapped” for non-intrusive monitoring applications. The E1 Monitoring Patch Panel is simultaneously provides up to 16 high-impedance (Hi-Z) outputs on it's monitoring (MON) port(s) from which, both the transmit (Tx) and the receive (Rx) signals of the patched E1 link can be “tapped non-intrusively” (i.e without disturbing or loading the active E1 link(s) in any manner, and connected to E1 Groomers, Probes or Analysers./p>

Data Sheet 16 x E1, 120 Ohms Monitoring Patch Panel

Product Part Number: VCL-1240-MON-120-100-RJ45F-16

Product Description: 16xE1/T1, 120/100 Ohms RJ45 (F) High Impedance (Hi-Z) Monitoring Patch Panel 19" Shelf 2U High Mount Version with Hardware Set [RJ45 cables not included]


  • Cost effective solution.
  • 19 inch rack mount.
  • High quality and cost effective.
  • Small and compact.

The patch-panel may be accessed remotely over a TCP/IP link using Telnet. This allows the user to create / patch new circuits remotely and make new E1 cross-connections on the fly. SNMP V2 access is also available over UDP link, which allows the user to monitor the patch-panel and all E1 circuits remotely for any alarms. An MIB file is provided with the patch-panel to allow easy integration with customer’s network management systems (NMS), or for easy integration with standard SNMP browsers.

DIP Switch settings

All four DIP switches must be set to OFF position for non-intrusive monitoring applications.

Typical Application Diagram

Connecting E1 Main Link

The RJ-45 Connectors Row A and Row B are used for Data IN/Data OUT from/to the Site A and Site B E1 link.

Connecting Hi-Z Output

The RJ-45 Connectors Row MON are used for Hi-Z Data OUT from the E1 link connected on Row A and Row B to E1 Groomers, Probes or Analysers.

16 x E1 Monitoring Patch Panel - Circuit Schematic

The Hi-Z (432 Ohm) resistive output is provided on the Monitoring (MON) Port of the Patch Panel for connecting to the Groomer / Probe / Analyser.

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mounting Standard 19 Inch. DIN Rack
Height 90 mm.
Depth 45 mm.
Width 485 mm. (with mounting brackets)
Weight 1.4 kg.