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VCL-9009, Optical Amplifier is designed to amplify and boost an optical input and transmit it, without additional mid-span signal repeaters, over extended single mode optical spans. The optical transmitter of the VCL-9009 is designed to increase the output power so that the input optical signal may be transmitted over an extended distance.

VCL-9009 is a high stability output power EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) which may be used to provide an optical signal gain of up to 20dBm. The stability pump laser and unique ATC (automatic temperature control) and AGC (automatic gain control) circuits incorporated in the unit ensures excellent optical characteristics and high stability that allow the unit to operate over a wide temperature range and harsh environmental conditions. The high stability and high precision OAM (Operation and Management) interface uses a strong password control and provide secure access and advanced monitoring capabilities. The unit can be securely monitored and managed remotely using SSH and SNMPv3.

Advanced GFF (gain flattening filter) with excellent optical path design ensure a linear, low noise optical output.

The optical circuit is designed especially for digital optical fiber communication system including:

  1. Lower noise figure
  2. The high output booster and high sensitivity pre-amplifier improve the system loss budget.
  3. Broad input power range and output power is user adjustable.

VCL-9009, provides a highly secure management interface which can also be incorporated in any third-party network management system which uses standard SSH and SNMPv3 communication protocols. The OAM (Operation and Management) include 10/100BaseT Ethernet, USB and Serial RS-232 interfaces. MIB file is also provided with the equipment for integration with third-party NMS.

Access and Control:

  • Secure, password-controlled access with password strength monitoring
  • SNMPv3 management protocol for management and monitoring
  • Time-stamped alarm and event logging
  • NTP and IEEE 1588v2 PTP clock synchronization options for accurate time-stamping of all alarms and events
    • NTP time synchronization option to synchronize time-stamp with NTP Server
    • IEEE 1588v2 Slave emulation option to synchronize time- stamp with PTP Grandmaster (Power Profile).

Management and Monitoring:

  • Serial RS232 and USB interfaces for local terminal access
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface for remote access over an IP network
  • Encrypted Password Protection
  • Telnet (with clear text disable option)
  • SSH - Secured remote access using Secure Shell Protocol over IP links
  • SNMPv2 / SNMPv3 Traps and NMS for secure, real time remote monitoring
  • Centralized NMS option for remote monitoring and management of up to 2,000 units from central site over an IP network
  • Visual LED alarms
  • Dry contact external alarm relay to connect an external alarm on an annunciator panel, which can be wired up for either NO or NC condition.

Key Features and Highlights:

  1. Supports SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 protocol for remote management and monitoring.
  2. Supports extensive alarm and statistics reporting.
  3. Supports SSH for secure (encrypted) communications.
  4. Supports password-controlled access with password strength monitoring.
  5. Provides time-stamped alarm and event logging.
  6. Supports NTP and IEEE 1588v2 PTP clock synchronization options for accurate time-stamping of all alarms and events.
  7. Supports dual (1+1 redundant) power inputs.
  8. Suitable for use in ruggedized environmental deployments. May be used over an extended temperature range between -10C and +60C.
  9. Complies with CISPR 32, Class A conducted and radiated emissions norms.
  10. Provides a wide range of power supply input options including 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC and 110/240V, 50/60Hz.
  11. Available in a compact, industrial, corrosion resistant, 19” rack mount chassis.
  12. Supports AGC (Automatic Gain Control) optical gain output with user settable gain options.
  13. Covers C-Band: Carrier 40 or 80 channels.
  14. Supports wide range (-15dBm ~ +5dBm) input optical power.
  15. LED indication to show the alarm status.
  16. Temperature monitoring with temperature controlled variable fan speed cooling.

Extended distance applications using the VCL-9009, Optical (EDFA) Amplifier:

  • IEEE C37.94: Provides up to 67dB optical-loss budget with Valiant's VCL-2710, IEEE C37.94 Multi-mode to Single-mode converter. Extend IEEE C37.94 links over a 1550nm, single-mode optical fiber pair up to 320 KM (198 miles) without using any intermediate / mid-span optical repeaters.
  • STM-1 / OC-3: Provides up to 60dB optical-loss budget to the STM-1 / OC-3 link with VCL SFPs.
  • STM-4 / OC-12: Provides up to 57dB optical-loss budget to the STM-4 / OC-12 link with VCL SFPs.
  • STM-16 / OC-48: Provides up to 45dB optical-loss budget to the STM-16 / OC-48 link with VCL SFPs.
  • STM-64 / OC-192: Provides up to 42dB optical-loss budget to the STM-64 / OC-192 link with VCL SFP+.
  • 1G Ethernet: Provides up to 60dB optical-loss budget to the 1G Ethernet link with VCL SFPs.
  • 10G Ethernet: Provides up to 42dB optical-loss budget to the 10G Ethernet link with VCL SFP+.

CE Compliance:

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU for 24V DC and 48V DC powered units.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30/EU

Other Regulatory Compliances:

  • RoHS, CE Marking
  • Complies with FCC Part 68 and EMC FCC Part 15

Valiant Communications is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 45001:2018 certified equipment manufacturer.