VCL-2710, C37.94 to Optical Converter


VCL-2710, IEEE C37.94 to Optical Converter / C37.94 Optical Repeater is a ruggedized, sub-station-hardened converter that converts IEEE C37.94 Multi-Mode signal to Optical Single-Mode Optical signal. The equipment is designed to extend IEEE C37.94 multi-mode signals over extended single-mode optical fiber spans. The VCL-2710, IEEE C37.94 to Optical Converter includes the clock synchronization and clock re-generation functions which allows it to transmit the IEEE C37.94 multi-mode signal over very long single-mode optical fiber links of up to 90 Miles / 150 Kms. VCL-2710 is designed for use in point-to-point applications. The VCL-2710 meets and complies with the IEC-61850-3, EMI, EMC, Surge and Temperature specifications making it suitable for sub-station installations to provide uninterrupted service even in the most demanding and harsh environments.

The most common application of the VCL-2710 is to allow the user to transmit the existing IEEE C37.94 multi-mode interface over a single-mode optical fiber link without the need to install any additional multiplexers or transmission equipment, which would otherwise be required to inter-connect the IEEE C37.94 Relays between near-end and the far-end substations.


Power Terminal Block, 2-PIN Supply Connector
IEEE C37.9 4 Interface ST Connector
Optical Interface SFP Module
External Alarm Terminal Block, 3-PIN Connector

Power supply

Power Supply Options (Internal) 24V DC, range 9V DC ~ 36V DC (option)
48V DC, range 18V DC ~ 76V DC (option)
Power Supply Options (External Adapters) 110V DC and 220V DC.

C37.94 Interface Specifications

Number of interfaces per card 1 Tx, 1 Rx
Standards IEEE C37.94
Optical 820nm / 850nm Multi-Mode
Optical Connector ST
Optical Transmitter LED

Optical Interface Specifications

Optical Module Type SFP
Connector LC
Fiber Single-mode 1310 nm, 1550 nm
Distance <15 KM, <40 KM, <80 KM, <120 KM, <150 KM
Type Laser

Compliance/ Regulatory

  • RoHS
  • CE Marking
  • Complies to IEEE and IEC standards
  • Complies with FCC Part 68 and EMC FCC Part 15 and CISPR 22 Class A
  • Operation ETS 300 019 Class 3.2
  • Operation ETS 300 019 Class 3.2
  • Transportation ETS 300 019 Class 2.3


Application: VCL-2710, C37.94 to Optical Converter

C37.94 to Optical Converter

Data Sheet

Data Sheet optical repeater