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VCL-2711, IEEE C37.94 over IP/MPLS / Ethernet / MPLS-TP Transmission Equipment

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The VCL-2711, IEEE C37.94 over Ethernet / MPLS-TP / IP-MPLS Transmission Equipment is a ruggedized, robust and sub-station-hardened transmission equipment which converts and transmits up to four IEEE C37.94 Interfaces over an Ethernet / MPLS-TP / IP-MPLS link with “SDH / SONET like” performance. The VCL-2711 units must be always used in pairs, with one unit installed on each end of the Ethernet / MPLS-TP / IP-MPLS transmission link. The equipment can be used in a point-to-point, or a point-to-multipoint topology with “zero” bit-errors and almost “zero” jitter or wander when used its integrated GPS (ITU-T G.811) compliant primary reference clock.

MPLS-TP IP-MPLS Point-to-Point Point-to-Multipoint

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