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VCL-2709-T1, IEEE C37.94 to T1 Converter

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The VCL-2709-T1, IEEE C37.94 to T1 Converter is a ruggedized and robust, sub-station-hardened protocol converter that converts IEEE C37.94 Interface to a T1 Interface, and vice-versa. The VCL-2709-T1 is designed for use in point-to-point applications. The most common application for the VCL-2709-T1 converter is for augmenting legacy IEEE C37.94 data transmission over a T1 network between two sub-stations. By installing a VCL-2709-T1 converter, the existing IEEE C37.94 interfaces from protection relays can be transmitted over the T1 network without incurring large capex, or without the tiresome task of having to replace or rewire the IEEE C37.94 Relays which need to be interconnected to the far end substations over T1 (SONET) transmission links.

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