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VCL-2156-EXT: NTP Client / NTP Slave (Extension Unit)

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The VCL-2156-Ext, NTP Extension (NTP Client), Time Distribution Unit is designed to provide up to 16 IRIG-B outputs and / or 16 IRIG-B and / or 1PPS (Pulse per second) and / or NMEA-0183 (mix and match) that is synchronized from a NTP Server to provide time synchronization to private networks such as Electric Sub-Stations, Railways and Metro (ticketing and platforms) networks, Airports and Air-Traffic Control facilities, Power Distribution and Transmission companies, Oil and Gas Utilities, ISPs and Cable TV networks as well as to Campus networks. The VCL-2156-Ext operates as NTP Receiver / NTP Client with multiple interface option. Our solution simultaneously supports IRIG-B (Mudulated / Unmodulated), NMEA 0183, 1PPS (Pulse per Second), and optical 1PPS port.

NTP Client NTP Slave NMEA-0183 IRIG-B 1PPS

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