ITU-T, GPS / GNSS (1+1), PRC (G.811), PTP, NTP, IRIG-B

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VCL-2145-DE, PTP / NTP Extension Module

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VCL-2145-D-E is a high-performance, GPS / GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Primary Reference Clock that provides ITU-T G.811 Primary Reference Clock, PTP (IEEE 1588v2), NTP and IRIG-B outputs which are locked with GPS/GNSS or user-selected input reference source. (i.e., 2.048Mbit/s (E1), 2.048MHz and 10MHz). The VCL-2145-D-E Satellite Receiver also has an integrated, high bandwidth NTP Server engine that is capable of handling up to 8,900 NTP requests per second. Multiple IRIG-B Outputs are also provided to synchronize local clock (time-of-day) display units to a central timing source with nanosecond accuracy.

Extension Module IEEE 1588v2 PTP Switch IPv4/v6 and IEEE 802.3

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