Working of 1+1 Ethernet Failover Protection / Failover Switch : Explained

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Application # 1

Ethernet link is connected to RTU-1 / Server-1

Application # 2

Equipment 1 fails. Ethernet link automatically switches to RTU-2 / Server-2

Application # 3

Equipment 1 recovers - Ethernet link automatically reverts and reconnects to RTU-1 / Server-1


  • Provides 1+1 Equipment / Server Protection / Failover
  • Failsafe: Never becomes a point of failure. Automatically reverts to the primary link even in power down condition.
  • Fast automatic network switching upon network failure. Eliminates Network Downtime.
  • Completely eliminates re-routing of Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables are automatically moved to the available network port.
  • Essential for Offices, Banks, ATMs, Industrial Installations requiring minimum service interruption due to network outage.
  • Disaster Recovery.

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