GPS IEEE-1588v2 PTP Slave Clocks

GPS IEEE-1588v2 PTP Slave Clocks

Product Overview

Valiant offers a wide range of IEEE-1588v2 PTP Slave Clock solutions that are suitable for power and telecom applications.

Power applications include power generation and power distribution infrastructure as well as other miscellaneous utility applications which require a highly precise time-of-day and 1 PPS synchronization locked to a GPS / GNSS Reference to distribute highly precise 1 PPS / IRIG-B time-of-day synchronization across all nodes of their networks.

Telecom applications include synchronization of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G / LTE mobile telecommunications networks, Micro Cell sites as well as backhaul wireline SDH / SONET and Synchronous Ethernet networks. PTP Slave Clocks (IEEE-1588v2) devices simplify the migration towards PTP IEEE-1588v2 by providing a wide range of ITU-T G.811 compliant synchronization outputs such as 1PPS, 10MHz, or legacy E1/T1 outputs.

Valiant’s IEEE-1588v2 PTP Slave Clocks may be also used by Railways, Airports (including Air-Traffic Control) that require G.811 / Stratum 1 quality (GPS locked) 10MHz reference, or legacy E1/T1 outputs as well as multiple 1PPS and (IRIG-B) outputs for time-of-day synchronization for synchronizing telecom transmission and terminal equipment.

Our other Synchronization Solutions Include:

  • GPS / GNSS Primary Reference (PRC) Master Clocks (Complaint to ITU-T G.811)
  • SSU - Synchronization Supply Unit
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588-2002 (1588v2) Grandmaster, Primary Reference Clock, NTP Time Servers
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588-2002 (1588v2) Slave Clocks
  • GPS NTP Time Servers with IRIG-B (Modulated & Un-Modulated) Outputs
  • NTP to IRIG-B, PTP to IRIG-B and GPS to IRIG-B Time Distribution Solutions
  • NTP Sub-Master Clocks
  • NTP Digital Display Clocks
  • Network Management System (NMS) for managing all Valiant’s time distribution products from a single location.

PTP IEEE-1588v2 Slave Clock

PTP IEEE-1588v2 Slave Clock for ToD (Time of Day) and Frequency Synchronization - synchronizes to PTP 1588v2 Grandmaster to provide the following Output ports including 2.048 Mbit/s (E1), or 1.544 Mbit/s (T1), 2.048 MHz, 1 MHz / 5 MHz / 10 MHz, 50 Ohms, IRIG-B, 1PPS, ToD (Time-Of-Day) output compliant to NMEA 0183 (DB9, RS-232C). OCXO Oscillator is offered for Holdover Clock.

VCL-2112, PTP 1588v2 Slave Clock is specifically designed for the synchronization of 2G, 3G and LTE mobile, Micro Cell, HetNet telecommunications networks as well as backhaul wire-line TDM Networks. It may be also used by Railways, Airports (including air-traffic control), power generation and distribution companies and other utility companies who need to distribute highly precise time-of-day and frequencies locked to a PTP Grandmaster (GPS) Reference across all nodes of their networks.

Data SheetE1 Voice and Data Primary Multiplexer

IEEE 1588v2 Solutions for Stock and Currency Trading Plateforms

The above dictum can be applied literally to electronic trading platforms – since significant quantities of stocks and currencies are bought and sold microseconds apart at differing rates. Financial Regulators all over the world, realizing this need, are now requiring all share trading platforms to use IEEE-1588v2 technology to synchronize to a GPS / GNSS based time-source with micro-second accuracy, so that buy and sell orders can be executed with precision according to their time-stamp.

and precise time stamping is required for compliance with financial regulatory mandates such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), the FTC's Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), FINRA's Order Audit Trail System (OATS) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The 2015 European Securities and Markets Authority MiFID II regulation requires clock accuracy and granularity in stock trading to have a time-stamp accuracy of better than 100 microseconds to UTC with a granularity of 1 microsecond.

Data SheetGPS NTP Server

PTP 1588v2 Slave Clock (DIN Rail Version)

VCL-2750, PTP 1588v2 Slave Clock (DIN Rail Version) is a high precision, high reliability time and frequency synchronization solution which can be synchronized from a IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster to provide frequency and time-of-day synchronization across a PTP network with nanosecond accuracy. Multiple 1PPS / IRIG-B Outputs are provided to synchronize local clock (time-of-day) to IEDs, as well as RTUs to a central timing source

Data Sheet ieee-1588v2-ptp-slave

VCL-2145-SSU (Synchronization Supply Unit), GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) Primary Reference, PTP 1588v2 Grandmaster Clock, NTP Time Server

VCL-2145-SSU (Synchronization Supply Unit) is a state-of-the-art, scalable and high-reliability synchronization solution that provides ITU-T G.811 compliant, user configurable E1, 2.048Mbits or 2.048MHz outputs that range from 32 to 320 unprotected, or 32 to 160, 1:1 protected (redundant) outputs to provide high quality synchronization references for synchronizing SDH, SONET, Mobile Communications Equipment and IP/Ethernet/MPLS networks. In addition to traditional TDM network timing capabilities, the VCL-2145-SSU supports packet networks that include IEEE-1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and carrier-class NTP services that are required for advanced communication networks.

The VCL-2145-SSU, GPS Primary Reference, PTP Grandmaster Clock & SSU (Synchronization Supply Unit) is specifically designed to provide frequency synchronization and high precision IEEE 1588-2008 V2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) outputs that are suitable for synchronizing 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, HetNet and LTE mobile telecommunications networks as well as backhaul wire-line SDH / SONET and Synchronous Ethernet networks. It may be also used by Railways, Airports (and Air-Traffic Control), Power Generation and Distribution companies and other Utility companies who require high-reliability and precise synchronized time over packet and ITU-T G.811 compliant frequency synchronization outputs that are locked to GNSS (GPS/GLONASS) References.

Data SheetGPS NTP Server

VCL-2739, 1588v2 PTP Aware Switch (PTP Transparent Clock)

VCL-2739, 1588v2 PTP Aware Switch (PTP Transparent Clock) with Ring Redundancy / HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy). The VCL-2739 is a non-blocking wire-speed Ethernet switch with full support for IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Transparent Clock features.

Features of IEEE 1588v2 PTP Switch & Clock Synchronization:

  • Transparent Clock (TC) with auto correction update
  • Master and Slave Ordinary Clock (OC) support
  • End-to-end (E2E) or Peer-to-peer (P2P)
  • PTP multicast and unicast message support
  • PTP message transport over IPv4/v6 and IEEE 802.3
  • IEEE 1588v2 PTP packet filtering
  • Dual (Redundant) Power Inputs.

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