VCL-MX, IP Multiplexer
Gigabit Ethernet, Voice and Data Multiplexer

VCL-MX, Gigabit Ethernet, Voice & Data Multiplexer may be used to provide legacy Voice, Data and C37.94 Teleprotection Channels over Gigabit Ethernet / IP / MPLS networks with Stratum level timing precision. The VCL-MX, IP Multiplexer uses IEEE-1588v2 PTP synchronization technology to provide time-of-day and frequency synchronization to a single central GPS source with 0.5 micro-second (500 nanosecond) accuracy.

Features and Highlights

  • Gigabit Ethernet, Voice & Data Multiplexer.
  • Transmission medium can be either of the following:
    • Fiber (1000Base-LX or 1000Base-FX Optical Gigabit)
    • Copper (10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet)
    • Wireless (Ethernet / IP Radios / E1 Radios).
  • Uses IEEE-1588v2 PTP synchronization technology.
  • Uses E1 over Packet / TDM over IP / E1 over Ethernet / technology to transport legacy Voice, Data, IRIG-B Time Code and Teleprotection Channels over Gigabit Ethernet / IP links.
  • < 4ms latency on the E1 / T1 channels.
  • Delivers error free transmission of E1, 2-wire and 4-wire Voice, Synchronous and Asynchronous Data, C37.94 Teleprotection and IRIG-B time over Ethernet / IP / MPLS networks with Stratum 1 (GPS Synchronized) or Stratum 3E level of accuracy.
  • Integrated IEEE C37.94 Teleprotection Interfaces.
  • Integrated, 8 x IRIG-B interfaces for RTU time-of-day synchronization to a single central GPS source with 0.5 micro-second (500 nanosecond) accuracy.
  • 2.048 MBits and Phase-Locked 2.048 MHz Frequency Outputs for accurate synchronization clock distribution over the entire network.
  • Suitable for Smart Grid applications.
  • Multiple user side Fast Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Gigabit Ethernet Port options for audio or video conferencing applications.
  • 1+1 Network Link Protection / Network Port Redundancy on both 'East' and 'West' side.

Network Interfaces

Uplink Network Interfaces (Any 4 Ports - User Selectable)

  • 4x10/100/1000BaseT
  • 4x1000Base SX / LX

User Side Interfaces

  • 4x10/100BaseT Ethernet Ports plus 4x10/100BaseT PoE (Power over Ethernet) Ports
  • 8x 100BaseFX Optical Ethernet Ports (SFP)
  • 8x E1/T1 Interface
  • 8x IRIG-B outputs

Voice Interface

  • FXO, FXS, E&M (2-Wire and 4- Wire), FXS-FXS.
  • (Hot-line), Ring Generator (75V RMS).

Data Interface

  • Synchronous: G.703 / V.35 / V.36 / X.21 / RS530 / V.24 / V.11 / V.28.
  • Asynchronous: RS232 / RS485 / V.24 / RS422 / V.28
  • Other: Relay I/O (Dry Contact)

Teleprotection: C37.94 Interface


  • IEEE-1588 V2 (2008) Frequency and Time-of-Day synchronization.
  • IEEE-1588 Clock synchronization to a GPS clock source, or within the network in a Master / Slave mode, Internal Clock, External 2.048 Mbits Clock (120 Ohms Bits clock).
  • User Selectable PTP IEEE-1588v2, Internal, Adaptive, Loop-Timed and External clock synchronization. User defined clock priority options.

Management Features

  • RS232 serial console port, USB console port.
  • In-band Ethernet (Telnet, SSH and TFTP) management.
  • Automatic updating of RTC (Real Time Clock) time - RTC shall update itself at user defined intervals from a GPS PTP Grandmaster or from an NTP Server (the user shall define the IP address of the NTP server).
  • Supports command line interface with predictive command completion.
  • Supports IEEE802.1x security, Password Protection.
  • SNMP V2 Traps.

Power Supply Options

  • Dual Redundant Power Supply Options
  • 1+1 DC (-48V) power (40 to 72V DC).
  • 1+1 DC 110-125V power (90 to 135V DC) - Using external DC-DC Converter.
  • 1+1 AC power (100 to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz) - Using external AC-DC Converter.
  • EMI/EMC compliant.

External Alarms

  • Dry Contact Relay.

Data Sheet

Data SheetE1 Voice and Data Primary Multiplexer